Apartment stock image via Pexels
Apartment stock image via Pexels

Lloyd Burr: We need to embrace the new housing reforms

Opinion 15/12/2021

OPINION: When it comes to changes in our neighbourhoods, we do love a good whinge. 

Kiwis are the best NIMBY Syndrome sufferers. 

Not. In. My. Back. Yard. Syndrome, that is. 

We love to complain about the lack of houses. 

We love to complain about how unaffordable it is to buy a place. 

And yet when solutions to these come along, we love to complain about those too. 

Too high. Too close. Too ugly. Too dense. Too impeding. 

This mindset has to change. 

We all have to make compromises in life - and our attitudes towards housing densification is one of them. 

We don’t need massive houses with massive back yards. 

We can quite happily live in relatively small spaces.

I live in a shoebox - it’s got a tiny patio, it's south facing, and has no view. But I love it. It’s mine. I’m very happy there. 

I can walk to work. I can walk to the pubs. I can walk to the supermarket. 

Everything is close. I can jump on a bike or a scooter and I’m at my mates’ places in no time. 

My point in all this, is that the joint Labour-National housing reforms which have become law should be welcomed. 

Less red tape, more progress, more housing supply. 

They’ll allow people to have more freedoms with their own land. 

They’ll allow more houses to be built. 

They’ll make our cities grow up, not out. 

They’ll transform our communities with more people contributing to local economies: more people shopping, and eating, and drinking, and participating in sports and clubs. More neighbours and more people to become friends with. 

There are so many benefits to these housing changes, and we should embrace them.

Because with bipartisan support from both major parties, these changes are here to stay. 

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