Judith Collins via The AM Show
Judith Collins via The AM Show

Lloyd Burr: What is the future for Judith Collins?

Lloyd Burr 08/12/2021

OPINION: She’s a battler from way back, and has been in Parliament since 2002. 

And from what I understand, she’s planning to stand again for National in Papakura at the next election.

But why? Why would she want to stay in Parliament after the tumultuous tenure she’s had there? 

She was essentially sacked as Justice Minister before the 2014 election over the Dirty Politics revelations.

She was bored shitless on the backbench until the storm passed, and was made a minister again in 2015.

But she’s always had her eye on the leadership - first after John Key quit, and then after Bill English quit, and she finally got it after the Bridges coup and the collapse of the Muller cabal. 

Collins has always been an agitator and she’s always been someone you mess with at your own peril. 

But the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen the real, desperate side of Collins. 

We saw she’d go to any lengths to retain power, to fend off a leadership threat - even if that meant throwing Jacqui Dean under the bus and using her trauma as political ammunition. 

It was desperation that imploded her party.

So if I was her, I’d bow out now and find my next challenge instead of languishing in portfolios you don’t really want. 

Languishing. Resenting. Stewing. Brewing. 

It’s not healthy - for her, or for the party, or for politics generally. 

Collins wasn’t at Parliament yesterday.  

You can hardly blame her for not being there, but I was surprised she wasn’t.  

Luxon says she’s on leave until Parliament returns next year. 

That’s a long break. 

I hope she takes time to reflect on what she wants in life. 

I hope she decides to quit politics and move on to a new chapter in life that doesn’t involve the poison that politics can so often be.

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