Stay tuned to Magic and all new 24/7 channels


Our new digital streaming app, rova is live!

rova is available now for iOS and Android devices via the App Store and Google Play.

It's a really simple and easy way to access Magic straight from your phone.

It brings together all of MediaWorks radio stations in one app, which means you can stream the following stations using rova:


-The Breeze

-The Sound

-The Edge

-Edge TV

-George FM

-Mai FM

-More FM

-The Rock


rova also has a selection of exclusive 24/7 podcast-style channels, streaming the best bits from your favourite radio and TV shows;

The rova 24/7 channels include: The Mai Morning Crew More FM’s Si & Gary George Breakfast with Clint, Pax & Kara The Rock’s Morning Rumble, and Drive with Thane & Dunc The Edge Breakfast with Jay-Jay, Dom and Randell, and Drive with Jono, Ben & Sharyn TV3’s 7 Days