Abba releases a new 'Voyage' album after 40 years!

Abba releases a new 'Voyage' album after 40 years!

Check out their two new songs and details on their virtual London concert here.

Abba has returned after four decades of inactivity with a brand spanking new album and a futuristic virtual London concert residency, titled 'Voyage'.

The Swedish pop band has shared two new tracks and confirmed a 5th November release of the album. Their last album release was 'The Visitors' in 1981.

Listen to 'I Still Have Faith in You" and "Don't Shut Me Down" below.

Abba's 'Voyage' Virtual Concert Residency

Abba has also announced the May 2022 launch of their Voyage virtual concert residency in London. The concerts will feature motion-captured, de-aged digital avatars of the four original bandmates performing alongside the live band at the Abba Arena, which is currently being custom-built for the concert residency.

“We simply call it 'Voyage' and we’re truly sailing in uncharted waters," keyboardist and songwriter Benny Anderson explains in a news release.

"With the help of our younger selves, we travel into the future. It’s not easy to explain but then it hasn’t been done before. When you come to the arena you will have the four of us together with an absolutely glorious 10-piece band. And even if not in the flesh, we will be right there, thanks to the work of the creative team and ILM.”

Early registration for tickets can be accessed here. Watch their trailer below.

Abba will be releasing exclusive CD, cassettes, vinyl and merchandise. You can pre-purchase their album in various formats via their website here.