Glen Campbell sings Elvis' 'Easy Come, Easy Go' for new 'Sing for the King' album

Listen here.


Bee Gees biography film has been confirmed

Robin's widow Edwina has confirmed.


The Beach Boys release a new orchestral version of 'Wouldn't It Be Nice'

The band's most iconic song gets refreshed with support from The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.


Fleetwood Mac pay tribute to Neil Finn's musical career with Kiwi covers

The new Fleetwood Mac line-up has performed their first headlining set live.


10 facts you may not have known about Eddie Cochran

Rock 'N' Roll legend Eddie Cochran was best known for his 1958 hit songs 'Summertime Blues' and 'C'mon Everybody'.


The Beatles' "White Album" Expansion arrival date revealed

The highly anticipated 50th anniversary edition is here!


John Lennon and George Harrison perform together in unseen studio footage

John Lennon's official account shared the recording outtake of 'How Do You Sleep'.


New postal stamps created in honor of John Lennon

All you need is 50c if you want to get your hands on the newest piece of Beatles memorabilia.


Neil Finn makes his TV debut with Fleetwood Mac

The Kiwi shared vocals with Stevie Nicks for two performances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.


Watch Stevie Wonder perform at Aretha Franklin's funeral

He delivered an emotional rendition of "The Lord's Prayer" and "As".