The best five songs ever released by Elton John

The best five songs ever released by Elton John

As ranked by Magic's Mark McCarron
25 March 2024 6:00AM

In celebration of Elton John's birthday on March 25th, we want to mark the occasion by discussing the best songs the Rocketman has released in his illustrious career. Below, Magic Breakfast's Mark McCarron ranks his top five favourite songs from Elton John:

5. Your Song

Beautiful in it's simplicitly. Bernie Taupin's lyrics perfectly describe that tingling feeling when we meet someone special. "It's a little bit funny, this feeling inside'. A classic.

4. Don't Go Breaking My Heart

One of the best feel-good, sing-a-long duets in music...Elton gifting Kiki Dee a spot at stardom after Dusty Springfield, (the original choice to sing with Elton) fell ill. And the message is plain for all to hear.

3. Bennie and the Jets

Is there a better song intro anywhere in music? Elton thumps the ivories like a man possessed, with an expectant, adoring audience screaming in the background. Full of promise, AND the song delivers in spades. What an anthem!

2. Rocketman

Who doesn't want to be a rocketman? Speeding off to places unknown like an interstellar Christopher Columbus. Bernie Taupin's lyrics perfectly capture the feeling of wanting to unshackle ourselves from our earthly chains and just take off into the great unknown in search of adventure—a song that screams freedom.

1. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

How many times have you yearned for the simple life? To get off life's treadmill and smell the roses a little more. That's what Elton is singing about. To leave the place where the 'dogs of society howl' and embrace the quiet simplicity of rural living. The ultimate escape song! The respective talents of Elton John and Bernie Taupin's moulded together at their best. A forever - classic!

Happy birthday Elton John!